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Life Skills

From cooking to financial planning, we help students learn skills they need for success.

Family Structure

We foster a family environment and encourage students to cultivate healthy relationships.

Community Involvement

We give back to the community throughout each month partnering in service with Feed America, Serenity Thrift, Stover’s Liquidation, Life Church and other businesses and individuals.

Help us make a difference

Get Involved with Next Step for Life

We believe it takes a community to help these young adults transition to the Next Step! Your generous gifts help us provide food, shelter, clothing, education, therapy, medical and other needs.

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Financial Training

Once residents begin their employment phase of the program, they work, save and budget.  They pay off their debt.  Some are able to buy a car debt-free by the time they complete the program. Alicia completed the program at the end of April. She has been working at Apcom and has been able to pay off her […]

Classroom Component

Next Step for Life features a rigorous curriculum in everything from Christianity 101 and Biblical literacy to finance and budgetting. Students are immersed in a classroom environment with a continuing curriculum led by our staff as well as volunteers.

Arts & Crafts

Our students have the opportunity to participate in fun activities such as arts and crafts, camping, volleyball, canoeing, among others, all of which promote community among students. And, they sure are fun!